New PSDS of Cluster 9 from PCSHS, Dr. Basilisa D. Tomimbang

New PSDS of Cluster 9 from PCSHS, Dr. Basilisa D. Tomimbang

Teacher III  

 “The only dreams that come true are the ones you chase, if you do nothing, you get nothing”

                                                                                                                                                 Joseph Atser

No dream is unattainable for someone who has the desire and determination to pursue and achieve her goals. Our colleague Dr. Basilisa D Tomimbang, the newly installed Public Schools District Supervisor of the Division of Pasay, is the best example of this.

Dr. Basilisa D Tomimbang is a Cumlaude graduate of Pangasinan State University with a degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education major in MAPEH in 1984. She started in private school as a classroom teacher in Sacred Heart School in Paranaque from 1985 to 1989. She then moved to South Merville School Inc as Level Head from 1989 to 1993.

In 1993, she began her teaching career in Pasay City South High School as Teacher I. She was promoted to Teacher II in 2006 and Teacher III in 2015. In the same year 2015, she was advanced to Master Teacher I and became Master Teacher II in less than three years.  In between those years, she was able to finish a Certificate of Teaching Program in Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in General Science at Philippine Normal University under a scholarship program. She also finished her Master of Arts in Education in 2012 which made her qualified for a Master Teacher position which she got when it was opened for ranking.

She was named chairman of the School-Based Management (SBM) committee as a Master teacher, a technique to enhance by moving considerable decision-making authority from the state to the district to the local school. It gives the principal, teachers, students, and parents influence over the educational process by involving them to make decisions about the school’s activities and projects. She was in charge of the data gathering and preparation for the validation of the four SBM levels of practice principles. Leadership and Governance, Curriculum and Learning, Accountability and Continuous Improvement, and Resource Management are all included in the level of Practice.

The school met all of the requirements for level 3 because of the tireless work of committees involved in the collection and production of documents as means of verification, chaired by Dr. Basilisa D Tomimbang and with the support and guidance of our principal Mrs. Emilia L Tolentino.

One more challenging task assigned to her is the Grade 7 ICT teacher. She has worked with Mrs. Wilma V. Amores, head of the Filipino department, and Mr. Dominador SV Torio, head of the TLE department. She was in charge of the reports on data reporting of Grade 7 learners.

She had helped in mentoring and coaching her colleagues in the science department as the master teacher in the department. She was assigned to observe, coach, and mentor six science teachers, the Earth and Space group, and the Force, Matter, and Energy group.

Despite all the tasks assigned to her and being a Master teacher, she managed to enroll in a Doctorate Program. She graduated recently and earned her degree as a Doctor of Philosophy.

It was timely that right after she received her diploma in Doctoral of Philosophy, the item for the PSDS position in SDO Pasay was opened which she took the advantage to apply.

Out of the 13 applicants from the different schools of SDO Pasay and from other divisions, she ranked third which made her obtain the position. She was installed as PSDS last January 26, 2022 and eventually designated as the PSDS of Cluster 9 composed of three schools, namely: Pasay City North High School – Tramo Campus, Pasay City West  High School and Pasay City National Science High School.

She assumed her new position immediately after a virtual send-off program.

From being a Master teacher and classroom teacher dealing with learners she will now perform the following duties and responsibilities of a PSDS such as Instructional Supervision, Technical Assistance in School Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Curriculum Development, Enrichment and Localization, Learning Outcomes and Assessments, Research and Technical Assistance to schools assigned to her.

Indeed, success comes to those who set goals and dreams, are courageous to work hard for them, and persevere to achieve and realize that dreams come true no matter what age and status in life.

           “All dreams can come true If you have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney