Outstanding Campus Integrity Crusaders


The Southenian Integrity Crusaders (SIC) is the Campus Integrity Crusaders (CIC) organization of Pasay City South High School under the office of the Ombudsman. The SIC club joins the Campus Integrity Crusaders in promoting Honesty and Social Responsibility through its implemented activities. With the project title: SIC AIMS: Aktibong  Isinusulong ang Maunlad na Sambayanan, the SIC bagged its second award as one of the the Outstanding Campus Integrity Crusaders in the National Capital Region held last October 27, 2021 through virtual ceremony.

The SIC had implemented five (5) activities promoting honesty and seven (7) activities promoting social responsibility for a total of twelve (12) activities. Some of the highlights of SIC projects includes: SIC Witness: Dokumentaryo, a documentary filmed by the SIC officers and members that talks about the significance of honesty, Oplan: Bayani ng Katapatan: recognizing  and giving awards to students who manifested honesty by surrendering lost items to SIC club to be able to return it to the owner: Lingap Mindanao, a donation drive participated by the teachers and staff of PCSHS where the beneficiaries are our fellow Filipinos who were victims of the earthquake in Mindanao and the Self-Defense Training-Seminar where military personnel from the AFP trained our students on basic skills about self-defense.

The Southenian Integrity Crusaders (SIC) promises to continue its advocacy and commitment in promoting honesty and social responsibility in our school and in the community.