PBSP, TELSTRA & UPNismed Provides Scholarship Training to TVL-ICT Female Students

PBSP, TELSTRA & UPNismed Provides Scholarship Training to TVL-ICT Female Students

by: Efren D. Lopez II

Pasay City South High School led by Mrs. Emilia L. Tolentino, Principal IV, as supported by Assistant Principal II, Dr. Mark Anthony F. Familaran, the TVL –ICT Department and in partnership with PBSP, Telstra, and UPNismed, has successfully conducted a scholarship training with the theme “SKILL STACKS: Coding Program to Create a Mobile App to Help the Schools or Community”. Participants are twenty FEMALE students of the TVL-ICT Department, and the training consists of eight online learning sessions, held every Saturday from August 6, 2022, until September 24, 2022, at PCSHS Computer Lab 5 with the use of MIT App Inventor to develop an application.

MIT App Inventor is an intuitive, visual programming environment that allows everyone, even children to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets. It is developed by a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) led by Professor Hal Abelson.

Last October 8, 2022, after all the learning sessions, the twenty female students with the help of their mentors, presented their created application to Training Facilitators from UPNISMED, executive guest from Telstra Foundation Philippines, Philippine Business for Social Progress, Teacher Mentors and selected students and teachers from Pasay City South High School.

Group 1 has created an app that automates the monitoring of students’ attendance in their school. They want to help their teachers lessen the time in marking students’ attendance. Group 2 developed an app that computes the user’s Body Mass Index (BMI). The App recommends actions that can help student users have BMIs that are within the healthy weight range. A quiz game app has also been developed by group 3 to help their fellow students review their past lessons. Group 5 has created an app for people who are commuting using tricycles. Even though the App is not yet complete, the group hopes that they would eventually develop a ride-hailing app so that tricycle drivers can earn more. Lastly, the app that was conferred the Best App Award is from Group 4, a Self-Learning Mobile App or SLMA. The App aims to provide a platform for students to test their knowledge, refer to their modules, visit links to educational videos, and email their teachers directly from the App.

This is the first-time experience for the TVL-ICT Department to get this kind of program opportunity. We believe that this is the start of all the upcoming opportunities, and we are looking forward to another batch of scholarships at Pasay City South High School.

We would like to thank the following:

TFP Trustees Mr. Benj Romualdez, Cielo Narvaez, Craig Dunn, Yuri Gagarin, Jackie Coates, Don Nepomuceno, Beth Lui.

PBSP Ms. Khairon-Niza Magundaca – Manager, PBSP Mr. Gerald Garcia – Senior Program Officer for Education and Health

UPNISMED Trainers: Mr. John Alex M. Reyroso and Mr. Jobeth G. Martecio

PCSHS Mentors Mr. Arnel almedora, Mr. Edivin Kevin abella, Mr Leonel espina and Mr. Efren Lopez II with our TVL Subject group head Mrs. Tar G. Gunayon.