by: MRS. MAGDALENA P. JEREZ

                                            T III, Science Teacher

            Pasay City South High School (PCSHS) joins the DepEd Community in celebrating the National Science and Technology Fair 2021 (NSTF). DepEd recognizes the importance of developing the skills and talents in Science among learners. Hence, it encourages the conduct of Science and Technology Fair in all schools in the country before the school year 2020-2021 ends. 

            Last May 17, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., PCSHS with the support of its school head Mrs. Emilia L. Tolentino and the assistant principal Dr. Mark Anthony F. Familaran, launched the Virtual Science and Technology Fair 2021 via FB Live with streamyard at the PCSHS-305370-PYC FB page. The virtual launching was initiated and facilitated by the Science Department headed by its Department Head Mrs. Ma. Elma V. Amongol, and the STEM faculty headed by their subject group head Mrs. Editha M. Alimbuyuguen.

            The Science and Technology Fair 2021 is dubbed as “ Scien-terrific Amidst Pandemic!” with the theme: “Agham, Pananaliksik, at Teknolohiya Kabalikat sa Matatag at Maunlad na Pamayanan”.

            Indeed, the pandemic cannot hinder the school from its aim of developing the potentials of Southenians in Science and Technology as well as providing them an opportunity to showcase their innovation and creativity. Throughout the years, the school, with the guidance and assistance of the Science and STEM Teachers, discovered a lot of Southenians who are Science enthusiasts as evident in their academic performances and their active participation in the division, regional, national, and even in the international levels. The school therefore believes that the conduct of the Science and Technology Fair 2021 amidst pandemic can continue to nourish and develop the interest, talents and skills of our young learners, at the same time help them build a community of healthy, competitive and intellectual interaction among the learners in PCSHS and even outside the school.


The virtual launching of the Science Fair 2021 in PCSHS was formally opened by the Department Head of The JHS Science Department Mrs. Ma. Elma V. Amongol wherein she mentioned the aims of the Science Fair and encouraged all the learners to actively participate in the different activities and competition provided in the Science Fair. Mrs. Emilia L. Tolentino, the school head delivered a very inspiring message to all the learners, parents, and the PCSHS mentors. In her inspirational message, she mentioned the thrust of the Department of Education in relation to the celebration of the National Science and Technology Fair 2021.

She also acknowledged the importance and contribution of Science in the production of vaccination needed in this time of pandemic in which she encouraged everyone to have his vaccination when possible. She added that this is for each one’s protection as well as in preparation for a face-to-face interaction soon. Mrs. Basilisa D. Tomimbang, Master Teacher II of the Science Department and Mrs. Editha M. Alimbuyuguen, Master Teacher II and the Subject Group Head of the STEM Strand presented the activities prepared in the PCSHS Science and Technology Fair 2021. The virtual launching was ended with an inspiring closing remark by the school’s assistant principal, Dr. Mark Anthony F. Familaran.

            The virtual launching of the local Science Fair 2021 was attended by all the PCSHS teachers, parents, and students and was apparently a successful one except for some experienced glitches during the program. The said virtual launching was hosted by Ms. May Ann Romano and Mr. June Palomino, both Science Teachers in the Junior High School and Senior High School respectively.