School Initiated Webinar on Google Classroom for Distance Learning and the Use of Google Drive as a Cloud Sharing Platform

 School Initiated Webinar on Google Classroom for Distance Learning and the Use of Google Drive as a Cloud Sharing Platform

(August 19, 2020)

By: Emmily A. Saez

Highlighting the importance to deliver quality education despite the challenges of the “new normal” for the School Year 2020-2021, SDO-Pasay crafted Learning Continuity Plan with the mantra “Kapit Kamay Tuloy ang Edukasyon sa Pasay!” Guided by the Division Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) of SDO Pasay which encapsulates the response and need to continue the education of the learners amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, our school principal Mrs. Emilia L. Tolentino presented her school Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) where strategies for possible difficulties in the future will be addressed immediately.

One important feature of the School Learning Continuity Plan is the different learning modalities and online platforms. To ensure that the teachers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge about this flexible learning modalities, the webinar on Google Classroom for Distance Learning and the Use of Google Drive as a Cloud Sharing Platform was conducted.

                        The invited speakers discussed the topics assigned to them extensively. Mr. Raymond S. San Juan, Cluster 8 Public Schools District Supervisor, discussed the Importance of ICT in Education under the new normal. He explained the reasons why technology should be considered essential such as, students demand technology and are constantly inclined to lifestyle that is interactive, new teachers are also demanding it due to their professional tasks and duties, kids are digitally native and can learn at their own pace. 

Computers, tablets, and other forms of technology bring multiple resources for the teacher that’s not in the book, he added. He also stressed that technology has made itself part of every aspect of our lives today, and the students who understand it are the ones who succeed in the business world. He also said that the best teachers of the 21st century are the ones that can equip students for the direction the future is taking.

The second speaker, Mr. Eric D. Comia, IT Officer of SDO Pasay, discussed the features of google classroom and step by step allowed the participants to do hands-on activity by providing the necessary directions or instructions. He explained how a google classroom is created and the process of inviting students to join the class. He also discussed how a teacher can provide the students assignments, answer worksheets, access the learning material provided by the teachers. He further discussed how a teacher can provide these learning materials to students using this online platform.

                        Mr. Edivin Kevin D. Abella , our last speaker , discussed how the teachers can utilize google drive as a storage of the different learning materials that we might need in new way of the learning delivery. He cleared the dark clouds on questions about the use of google drive. He said that Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that allows one to save files online and access them anywhere from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. He also added that teachers can use Drive on their computer or mobile device to securely upload files and edit them online. Drive also makes it easy for others to edit and collaborate on files.