Project STEM Up Year 3 and SiLAW Clinch 2022 SDO-Pasay’s School’s Best Practices Award

Project STEM Up Year 3 and SiLAW Clinch 2022 SDO-Pasay’s School’s Best Practices Award

Writer: Mary Ann E. Garcia

Editor: Clarinda Mendoza

                Not resting on its laurels, Pasay City South High School’s Project STEM Up Year 3 and Project SiLAW (Simplified Learners’ Activity Worksheet) were hailed as among Pasay-SDO’s 2022 School’s Best Practices and Exemplary Schools Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment (SMEA) Team, respectively.

            Project STEM Up Year 3 is an institutionalized Partnership between Pasay City South High School, Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) and Telstra Foundation Philippines (TFP) that aims to develop the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students’ inclination toward research and innovations through year-round trainings, benchmarking, project funding and culminating activities. On the other hand, Project SiLAW is the school’s intervention as well as compassionate response to the learner’s clamor for modules of reasonable length and activities that are home-based. The compressed worksheets have been crafted based on the MELC’s and have undergone multiple screenings to establish  their validity and reliability. Having been subjected to a grueling month-long evaluation by the SDO-Pasay’s SMEA Team headed by Dr. Arturo A. Tolentino (OIC- Assistant Schools Division Superintendent), Mrs. Flerida S. Pajarillaga (Senior Education program Specialist), and Ms. Fatima P. Fajardo (Education Program Specialist II), these projects were found to have significantly improved the PCSHS’ Key Performance Indicators and have brought about innumerable benefits to the stakeholders.

            The said projects were spearheaded by Mrs. Emilia L. Tolentino (Principal IV), Dr. Mark Anthony F. Familaran (Assistant Principal II) along with the focal persons, Mrs. Editha F. Alimbuyuguen (MTII/ Subject Group Head-STEM), Mrs. Ma. Elma V. Amongol (HTVI- Science Department), Mrs. Emmily  A. Saez (Master Teacher I), Mrs. Mary Ann E. Garcia (Teacher III) and Mr. Victor L. Tubilan (Master Teacher I).

            These recent achievements prove that Pasay City South High School continues to foster a culture of excellence  even in the midst of a pandemic.